Body Repairs and Car Ceramic Coating in Tunbridge Wells | Why You Need Professional Repairs and Detailing

Vehicle detailing and car body repairs provide a range of benefits when carried out by professionals such as the trained technicians at AutoSport Customs Ltd. Whether you have a prestige, exotic, classic or standard car, our services keep it in pristine condition and ensure you continue to enjoy the full benefits your vehicle has to offer. From alloy wheel refurbishment to car ceramic coating, we undertake an extensive range of services to keep cars in the Tunbridge Wells area looking their best. But this isn’t the only reason you should choose specialist services and this page highlights the main benefits you get from our vehicle restoration and detailing services, as well as our insurance car repairs.

Unlike a regular car clean or service, detailing restores all the physical aspects of your car and includes much more extensive services and extreme attention to detail. Our services also include expert body repairs. As such, AutoSport Customs Ltd provide the following:

Paint Protection & 100% Colour Matching

Car paintwork easily becomes scratched, scuffed or covered in swirl marks and it also suffers damage from the elements. However, we offer a range of solutions to restore and protect your paintwork in Tunbridge Wells, leaving your car gleaming. Car ceramic coating and PPF are two highly effective options for protecting paintwork and we offer a range of quality products to suit your needs, ensuring seamless application.

Furthermore, we provide 100% colour matching using the ICI paint mixing system, ensuring any paint for insurance car repairs, touch-ups or alloy wheel refurbishments perfectly matches. We also offer complete paintwork services for vehicle restorations.

Preserve Vehicle Interior & Exterior

Our car body repairs and paintwork services in Tunbridge Wells keep the outside of your vehicle looking brand new, but the inside is just as important. While many people neglect the inside of their cars, at AutoSport Customs Ltd we know how important the interior is to the look, feel and experience of your car. That’s why we offer a comprehensive detailing service for the inside of your vehicle as well as external work.

Our valet service leaves no stone unturned and our attention to detail ensures both the inside and outside of your car meets showroom standard.

Tailored, Hassle-Free Solutions

Having work done on your car shouldn’t be a hassle, and we do everything we can to give you an enjoyable, stress-free experience. This includes offering a pick up and drop off service for customers in the Tunbridge Wells area as well as honest, reliable services, fast turnaround times and liaison with insurance companies when providing insurance car repairs.

Whether you need car body repairs, wrapping, car ceramic coating or other work, at AutoSport Customs Ltd, we tailor our services to you and offer an exceptional level of customer care you won’t find anywhere else.

Retain the Value of Your Car

When you invest in a car, you want it to retain its value, especially if you plan to sell your car at some point. With services ranging from alloy wheel refurbishment to full vehicle restoration, we keep your car in immaculate condition and preserve or even enhance its value.

Call us today on 01892 890096 or 07494 886054 to experience for yourself the benefits of our car ceramic coatings, body repairs and other services in Tunbridge Wells.