Body Repairs and Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Cranbrook | Common Causes of Car Body and Paintwork Damage

At AutoSport Customs Ltd, we deal with all manner of scratches, dents, marks and other damage to car body or paint work. While these issues are often unavoidable, there are ways to prevent or minimise damage, as well as effective repair solutions that leave your car looking like new. As such, we have outlined the most common reasons clients in Cranbrook and the surrounding areas require car body repairs, alloy wheel refurbishment or other services, so you can avoid the same mistakes. Our experienced technicians also explain how we refurbish your car through vehicle restoration and insurance car repairs, and how we protect your car from common damage with services such as car ceramic coating and PPF.

The best way to avoid damage is to be aware of the main things that cause it, including the following:

1. Weather

Sun and rain both have a negative effect on your paintwork, causing UV damage and water stains. In addition, grit on the road as a result of winter weather can cause nicks and scratches in your paintwork. While it is impossible to avoid all weather conditions that may cause damage, you can protect your paintwork with car ceramic coating or PPF, both of which AutoSport Customs Ltd provides for customers in Cranbrook.

2. Loose Stones & Gravel

Loose stones on roads, including gravel on driveways, gets flicked up by your car and other vehicles, causing chips in your paint, dents in your body work and damage to alloy wheels. The faster the speed and the bigger the stones, the more significant the damage, but our specialist car body repairs and alloy wheel refurbishment return your car to pristine condition.

3. Other Drivers

Body or paintwork damage is often the result of a minor accident involving another driver. This is especially common in car parks where people misjudge their surroundings. If you are involved in an incident in the Cranbrook area, come to AutoSport Customs Ltd for stress-free insurance car repairs that include liaison with your insurance company on your behalf. If necessary, we can also provide more extensive vehicle restoration works.

4. Abrasive Cleaners & Dirty Cloths

Many car owners use household soaps to clean their vehicles, but certain detergents can strip the sealant that protects your paintwork. In addition, dry or dirty cloths often cause light scratches and/or whirl marks, leaving the whole car looking dull and much less than its best. Consequently, we strongly recommend our professional valeting and detailing services, which leave your car immaculate inside and out and which include work to restore and protect your paintwork, such as car ceramic coating.

5. Kerbs & Obstacles

No matter how careful a driver you are, you are bound to accidently hit a kerb, scrape a wall or hit another obstacle at some point, causing issues such as bumper damage, scratches and scuffs. To avoid this, stay aware of your surroundings, especially in car parks where the tight and busy spaces often cause drivers to damage their cars. However, if you do damage your vehicle, in whatever way, we are here to provide expert car body repairs, including alloy wheel refurbishment and insurance car repairs.

Whether you need full or partial vehicle restoration, specialist detailing or other services in Cranbrook, AutoSport Customs Ltd is always on hand to offer expert advice and tailored, client focused services.

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