PPF and Car Ceramic Coating in Cranbrook and Tunbridge Wells

If you want the best protection for your car as well as a high gloss finish, you need car ceramic coating. Using specialist products, we provide the highest level of protection for your vehicle while ensuring it looks showroom standard with our comprehensive range of coating and detailing services. We also provide paint protection film (PPF) for vulnerable areas of your car, preventing chips, abrasions and other paintwork damage. Specialising in prestige and exotic cars, we deliver results that meet the highest standard and ensure complete satisfaction for all customers in Cranbrook, Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas.

Whether you know exactly what you want or want to discuss your options with our experienced technicians, we are always happy to hear from new and existing clients and offer honest consultations as well as free estimates.

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Car Ceramic Coating

As the latest successor to waxes and sealants, ceramic coatings are the best level of protection you can apply to your car. Ceramic coatings are a type of liquid polymer that forms a semi-permanent bond with the paintwork on your car, providing protection from the elements. As well as water, these coatings also repel dirt and grime, keeping your car cleaner for longer. Furthermore, ceramic coatings also offer some protection against scratching and swirl marks.

To see the quality results we achieve with ceramic coating, please take a look at our previous work.

Approved Applicators

AutoSport Customs Ltd is proud to be accredited by various companies for the application of their leading ceramic coatings. As an approved company, we offer an exceptional level of workmanship, reliable services and guarantees ranging from 18 months to lifetime. We only use high quality products for car ceramic coating, giving clients in the Tunbridge Wells and Cranbrook areas complete confidence in our services.

AutoSport Customs Ltd holds accreditation from the following companies:

• Ceramic Pro
• Ceramic Guard
• Titan
• Matrix

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

In addition to car ceramic coatings, we also provide PPF. This is a transparent film first developed for use on military vehicles, but various advancements have improved and refined the film to make it an ideal addition to all kinds of domestic vehicles.

Protecting your paintwork from stone chips, gravel, bug splatter, mineral deposits, UV exposure and minor abrasions, PPF is popular for use on vulnerable areas such as car doors, wing mirrors and bumpers. However, we can apply PPF to any or all areas of your car to provide invisible protection that keeps your car in pristine condition.

We can apply PPF or ceramic coatings individually or as part of wider vehicle restoration or detailing. This can include a full interior and exterior valet to make your car in Cranbrook, Tunbridge Wells or the nearby areas look better than new.

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