Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Cranbrook, Tunbridge Wells and the Surrounding Areas

Alloy wheels are a stylish and practical investment for your car and chances are you want to keep them in perfect condition. However, unfortunately accidents do happen and your wheels can easily become damaged from minor things such as hitting a kerb or pothole. Luckily though, it is easy to repair most scuffs, scratches and other damage with professional services and AutoSport Customs Ltd offers a comprehensive alloy wheel refurbishment service to keep your car looking its best. We work with owners of prestige and exotic cars on a regular basis, but also provide services for all car makes and models as well as motorbikes in the Cranbrook and Tunbridge Wells areas.

By returning your wheels to pristine condition, we maintain the appearance of your vehicle and save you from having to purchase new alloy wheels. No matter the extent of damage, we provide efficient solutions using specialist equipment and techniques.

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Complete Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

To give you results that meet the highest standards, we undertake a complete range of alloy refurbishment services using professional methods and quality products. With 42 years’ combined experience, our technicians restore your alloy wheels to a stunning finish that shows no signs of previous damage.

Our alloy refurbishment services for car owners in Cranbrook, Tunbridge wells and the nearby areas include:

• A visual inspection to assess the type and extent of damage
• Repair of damage by machining or filling
• Diamond cutting
• Dry Blasting• Primer and preparation for painting
• Paint matching and application
• Powder coating
• Car and motorbike wheel refurbishments

Using these methods, we can repair all kinds of scratches, scuffs, dents, chips, corrosion and discolouration to ensure your wheels look as good as new, or even better. If you require, we can even carry out wheel refurbishment alongside further car body repairs.

The Right Choice for Alloy Wheel Damage

Professional alloy wheel refurbishment ensures your wheels get the right treatment and prevents any further damage that DIY repairs can cause. In addition, with our experience and specialist equipment, we provide a stunning, durable finish that you can’t achieve on your own. This includes providing any colour paint you require.

Furthermore, repairing your alloy wheels is much cheaper than buying new ones, allowing you to maintain the visual appeal of your vehicle without having to fork out for brand new alloy wheels.

At AutoSport Customs Ltd, we provide tailored services for every client in Tunbridge Wells, Cranbrook and the surrounding areas, ensuring we meet your exact needs. No matter the condition of your alloy wheels, we deliver efficient services and are well known for our quick turnaround times.

Get in touch with AutoSport Customs Ltd on 01892 890096 or 07494 886054 for alloy wheel refurbishment in Cranbrook, Tunbridge Wells and the nearby areas.